Bedroom contemporary interior doors should be elegant

The installation of contemporary interior doors

  1. Before the door installation is important to know the thickness of the walls and the possible working load on fixing systems. If fixing elements are not included, they have to be purchased separately. For work you need a drill and drilling bits.
  2. Next we check the size of the doorway, where the door box is installed, and with the help of the level check the deviation from horizontal and vertical directions.
  3. Before working with the door itself, it is necessary to fix the door frame in the doorway. Using a drill or screwdriver make holes in the horizontal (3 pieces) and vertical elements of the box (not less than 5 pieces), for fastening screws or dowels. The holes should be fitting in size to the fixing systems you have. Set door hinges, in other words, fasten them to the frame at the same distance from the top and the bottom of the door leaf (usually 250 mm).
  4. Next is hanging the door to the frame. At this stage it is important to check that the door is opened and closed without any problems. Now you can fill the cavities between the door frame and doorway with the foam.
  5. The last step is installation of locks. It should be noted that installation of locks and handles on the door is quite meticulous work that requires special care and accuracy at any stage of the work. When choosing a lock, consider which door you will close and in what way: for example with the key from both sides.

If there are additional decorative elements, they are fixed in the end of work. After you have the door installed, it’s high time for decoration.

Black contemporary interior doors have a stylish look.

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