Door store can propose even unusual models

Functional choice in the interior door store

It is very popular today. They can significantly save space in the apartment, and make it possible to implement creative design solutions. It can be used in the form of room divider. Sliding panels are pushed into the box, which is located inside the wall or along it.

This interior decision doesn’t spoil the look with massive details. Sliding doors will be the beautiful decor of any room. Also it’s great for kitchens, hallways, balconies. The advantages include the following: increasing the useful floor space, modern minimalism style, the ideal solution for small spaces, creating a larger space feeling, functionality

However, sliding doors in the interior have they own drawbacks, which include the following: pass the smells, lights and sounds inside, the cost is much more expensive than normal doors, in case of damage you should change the whole system.

Doors on wheels

Broad door store is for interesting models

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